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Navigating the Juvenile Court system

If your son or daughter has been charged with a juvenile charge it can be a life-altering event – both for you and your child. Children charged with juvenile offense are more likely to have problems as an adult with our criminal justice system. Fortunately, in juvenile cases, there are often alternative sentencing options available. Attorney John Fuhrman can help you examine all of your child's options and come up with a plan that is in his or her's best interest. John takes the his representation of juveniles charged with crimes very seriously and will do everything in order to safeguard your child's future and freedom.

Children charged in Juvenile Court are automatically scheduled for a detention hearing with 48 hours of their arrest. The Juvenile court system is likely new to you and your family, but John Fuhrman can help you understand the process. John also protects the rights of minors charged as adults. John will fight to reduce the charges to juvenile crime charges.

The juvenile court process places a greater emphasis on rehabilitation as opposed to incarceration. The maximum penalty for a juvenile charge is incarceration until age twenty-one. John will always explore every alternative sentencing option available.

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