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Yes, You Can Go to Jail.

Fighting for Hunter's Rights and the Rights of all Outdoors Men!

John is an outdoors man who has been hunting and fishing throughout Washington since his youth. Like many other outdoors men, John also believes that the laws and regulations effecting hunters and fishermen have gone too far.

John knows that the vast majority of citizens charged with violations of the Fish and Wildlife laws have, if at all, violated these laws unknowingly through an honest mistake. Yet these same, otherwise law abiding citizens, end up being charged with a criminal offense and risk the loss of their firearm(s) and equipment. And it's no wonder. Today's Fish and Wildlife laws are among the most confusing one can find anywhere. If you've been charged over a hunting violation, call John today at (253) 848-7788.

The Washington laws concerning fish and wildlife violations are confusing even to most attorneys as they are some of the most complex laws on the books. Even hunters trying their best to comply with the law can get charged with a fish and wildlife crime. Every year, there seems to be more confusing and restrictive regulations.

Convictions for Fish and Wildlife offenses can result in fines and even jail time as well as a criminal record. Convictions can also lead to revocations of hunting privileges. As a life long outdoors man, John Fuhrman will fight for you if you are charged with one of these offenses.

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