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Have you been falsely accused of Domestic Violence?

Domestic Violence is horrible, but it is even worse to falsely accuse someone else of it.

John Fuhrman has been successfully handling DV cases for over twenty years. Often, people are arrested and charged with this type of offense merely based on an accusation from another. The evidence is often thin. Further, because of the political nature of this charge, these type of cases often have to be taken to trial. John has successfully tried many Domestic Violence cases over the years. When false DV allegations are made, it can often occur during or just before the commencement of Divorce proceedings or break-up where one party seeks an advantage in a family law case for custody and or more support.

DV charges and related Restraining Orders

John has successfully represented at trial numerous men and women who were falsely accused of Domestic Violence our the victims of someone maliciously seeking a DV Restraining Order.

A Domestic Violence Conviction can adversely effect your Life in a huge way!

Many people have lost their jobs, or refused a position due to a DV conviction, A DV conviction may likely result in your being denied the right to posses a firearm – even if you are a police officer or member of the military acting in your official capacity.

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