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A DUI charge can be a traumatic event in anyone's life.

DUI has become a very serious charge even though it is still a misdemeanor in most cases, the penalties can be more serious than any number of felonies as a first time offender. However, with an experienced attorney, there is hope. While no one can predict the outcome of your case, an experienced practitioner in this area of the law is in a unique position to best defend your many rights.

When choosing a lawyer for your DUI case, one should always confirm whether or not the lawyer devotes most of his time to defending DUI cases.

DUI laws frequently change and their defense requires an attorney with experience and technical knowledge of the science involved in this area of the law. Finding an attorney with this knowledge and experience practices exclusively or near exclusively in DUI cases is generally a good idea if you have been charged with this crime. Ask the prospective lawyer how much of his practice represents DUI representation and if he uses expert witnesses. It also is a good idea to ask the lawyer how many cases he's tried.

A few words about attorney's fees.

Finding the lowest bidder is not always the best solution when charged with DUI. Cost should always be a concern but first and foremost you should make sure the lawyer you interview has the prerequisite experience. There are many so-called "general practitioners" who may be willing to offer you a rock bottom fee but lack the experience in this area of the law to fully represent you. There is a lot at stake in your case so make sure you are confident and that you have a knowledgeable DUI defense attorney. It is always fine to compare fees between different DUI lawyers who regularly engage in DUI defense.

Don't delay in finding an experienced attorney for your DUI defense.

As soon as you are cited, the clock begins ticking. You will have a deadline to file a Notice for Hearing with the Department of Licensing and your arraignment can come within days after your arrest. The best way to preserve your rights is to immediately begin searching for an experienced DUI defense attorney. Your DUI case needs to be aggressively reviewed and, if necessary, challenged where there are shortcomings. For example:

  • Did the officer have a valid basis to stop you?
  • Was there probable cause to arrest you?
  • Did the officer perform the road side tests in accordance with the appropriate standards?
  • Where you advised of your Miranda warnings?
  • Did the officer inform you that these tests were voluntary?
  • Were you properly given implied consent warnings prior to taking the breath test?
  • Did the officer conduct your breath test in accordance with the standards set forth in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC)?
  • Was the breath test machine functioning properly and had it been properly calibrated and maintained?

These are just some of the areas that an experienced DUI defense attorney will understand and give close scrutiny to. If you have been charged with a DUI, don't delay, CALL ME TODAY! (253) 848-7788.

Shopping for fees is never a problem so long as you are comparing the fees of lawyers who regularly practice in DUI law.

There are some lawyers who are called "general practitioners" who take cases in many various areas of law. The problem with bargain basement fees you might find with general practitioners is that you will receive only the minimum level of service. There is a great deal at stake in your case and these lawyers cannot represent you to the same degree of competence as an attorney who focuses his practice on DUI. I'm proud of the fact that my fees vary depending on the nature of the circumstances in your case. I do not take a "cookie cutter" approach to my client's situation. I dig in deep and probe for all possibilities. The case law governing DUI's can be complex. This complexity can be used to your advantage by an attorney who is extremely conversant in those laws.

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